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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Depressing Post 

I thought that I would put all the depressing stuff in one posting; that way, we can get it all over at once.

You remember how I was talking about Blood Money earlier? A way for families to show forgiveness to someone who has wronged them, and receive some earthly reward for it? I think I quoted a figure of 100,000 Riyals (about $27, 000) as the top figure? It seems that the "earthly reward" is starting to rocket (thanks to "Condo" for the link).

Pardoning killers now big business in Saudi

The daily reported recently that pardoning killers has become a multimillion-riyal business. "Profit is now the motive of forgiveness," it added. "It is called blood money, and the families of some victims are cashing in, demanding sums beyond the reach of all but the very rich," it explained. Last year alone, more than SR40 million was paid to pardon eight people.

That's an average of $1.3 million each! You Christians out there, forgiving for free, you are missing out on a business opportunity here! After all, you could always appear to do it out of the goodness of your heart, but in reality collect something "under the table"!

Sources say there are even some cases in which families have publicly announced a killer being pardoned for the sake of God, but in reality a large sum had been paid to them under the table with silence about the payment being one of the conditions for forgiveness.

But what happens to the people trying to come up with these sums?

Dr Nasser bin Misfer of the peacemaking committee in the holy city of Makkah also expressed disgust about exorbitant blood-money demands that can destroy families, forcing them to beggary after they pay.

That's not surprising. Not many people have that sort of money in the bank. So they'll need to "borrow" from the exended family, and ruin several generations. So how do we get back to the original idea of forgiveness?

We educate the family about the tolerance of Islam and tell them that such forgiveness will be greatly rewarded by God on the Day of Judgment,” he added.

Indeed it will. But some families can't wait until "pay-day", they want a big advance to keep them going until then. So it's going to need legislation to limit amounts, but at the rate we move, that'll happen around the Day of Judgement as well.

Mind you, even when you've got the money together, and given it to the lawyer, your troubles are not over. (Thanks to "Sandman" for this link)

Lawyer Pockets Blood Money, Leaves Convict to Die

The case of Alaauldeen, who is awaiting execution at a prison in Tabuk after conviction on a murder charge, has a new twist. An individual donated SR8 million to secure him pardon, but the lawyer hired to deliver the money has decided to keep it.

That's $2.1 million. Father Christmas came early. Not that the lawyer believes in Father Christmas. Or perhaps he does, now?

“The lawyer said that he would deliver the blood money when the case of the Khamis Mushayt girl was solved. This was untrue because the two cases are unconnected,”

Nice one! Of course the two cases are not connected. That's a total "red herring". What he's saying is complete and utter BS. But then, he's a lawyer, they are paid to think up BS. And what better payment than SR8?

Apparently, the lawyer believes the SR8 million will be his.

Well, at the rate he's going, it will be. But how about complaining to the Saudi Arabia Bar Association?

There, it's not all depressing, this post. We do have one laugh. Because, you see, we don't have such a thing as a Bar Association! That sort of thing is a Western Unbeliever concept. Our lawyers are trained in Shariah Law which is based on the Quran, therefore by definition they are religious men, therefore they will never do anything wrong! So why would we need a Bar Association? Surely you can understand that!

But justice will be done in the end, won't it?

Al-Madinah interviewed the lawyer who said that he won’t pay the blood money even if the case of Khamis Mushayt is resolved. He said that the Tabuk prisoner is the least he cares about. He denied telling the family that he would pay them the money, and says he doesn’t care if the man dies or not.

What can I say? Let's change the subject. To the tale of a 12-year-old girl and her younger brother, whose father sadly dies.

After her father s death, a distant relation to her late father asked for Munirah s hand in marriage. The family accepted on the condition that Munirah s younger brother accompany the couple. The man, who was 50 years older than his bride....

So, at the age of 12, she is married off to a 62-year-old man. You might call this pedofilia, but it's legal in Saudi Arabia. He's having sex with her, but they are married, which makes it legal. You think 12 is too young? Well, Mohammad is reported to have married and consummated his marriage with a 9-year-old.

However, that's not all.

....on her wedding night she was shocked to discover that she was his sixth wife.

What an old rascal! He never told her she was number 6! And he's only allowed 4 at any one time! Oh well, boys will be boys!

And talking of boys...

Munirah s younger brother seemed to be experiencing difficulties also. He would leave the house as often as possible, only to return to weep in his sister's arms. At first Munirah thought he was crying over her situation, but she later discovered the truth. Her husband had been raping her younger brother.

Oh, hang on! That's a bit much! Not the age of the boy, although he is a bit young, but having sex with him against his will. Not that it's homosexuality of course, because homosexuality is where both men are willing partners, and we chop their heads off. But having sex with a small boy is a bit out of order, and we're going to have to prosecute him.

So he was sentenced to three years imprisonment and 2,000 lashes for raping his wife s brother.

Well, that's quite a few lashes, but 3 years is the same as the sentence for witchcraft, so that's probably about right. You would no doubt give him a much harsher sentence in the West, but then, you're obsessed with sex, you see evil where people just get a little carried away.

But wait, there's a bit of legal business to tidy up here.

The woman filed a case against her husband seeking separation

Well, I suppose we could allow her to do that, as a special concession. After all, she was Wife Number 6. But justice always comes at a price.

The court agreed, asking her to return the SR10,000 dowry money

After all, if you get dowry money for getting married, you should give it back when you get unmarried. Stands to reason. Even if you've been fraudulently married by a polygamist pedofile with a taste for small girls and small boys.

There, I told you it would be depressing, didn't I?

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