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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

When No means No 

Thanks to "Brian P" for alerting me to this item from the "Green Truth".

It's what we call a "Saudi Seduction Scene".

According to the report, the man allegedly snuck into his maid’s quarters after his wife had gone to sleep and attempted to rape her.

The Filipina maid is obviously flattered by his attention, but doesn't want to seem too eager at this stage.

The Filipina managed to escape his advances, rushed into the kitchen and got a knife.

Just another case of "No means Yes". Time for our Lothario to turn on his irresistible charm even more....

Despite her weapon, the man attempted to assault the maid....

The little tease, always playing "Hard to Get"....

....who, in return, pulled a “Lorena Bobbit” defense and cut off the man’s penis.

....but perhaps not on this occasion.

Now this animal will have collected a 0% approval rating from the readers of this blog. But still, I'm willing to guarantee that there's not one male here who doesn't wince to himself and make some involuntary muscle movement when he reads that phrase. It's some primeval thing, some lost folk memory, perhaps of a Stone Age Man chipping a flint axe-head on his lap, and having a bad accident....but, if you think about it, it wouldn't be inherited as a folk memory in that case, would it?

It will be of great interest to see what happens to her, and to him. The Khamys Mushayt Girl is still facing execution for killing the man who tried to rape her, and she's a Saudi. The poor girl here is Filipina, but she aimed lower with her knife, and the physical injury was less, so who knows what our wonderful Shariah law will decide?

As for the man, most will say, "Poetic Justice!". Except medical science has come to the rescue.

A man arrived at an emergency room in the capital with his severed penis, which was reattached after speedy surgery.

Mmmm. Not really poetic justice. And will he ever be charged for his "over-enthusiatic seduction", which may be how the courts see it, for they are not too good at pressing rape cases. Somehow, I suspect not, although I always live in hope of being pleasantly surprised.

In the meantime., I feel a "naughty" coming on. Because I normally try to avoid wishing misfortune on anybody, or indulging in really low, vulgar humor. But just for this man, I'm going to make an exception in both cases. So here's hoping that it was such "speedy surgery" that they weren't paying full attention, and they sewed it on upside-down. Or, better still, back-to-front!

That way, he won't know whether he's coming or going.

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