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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Way to go, Rania! 

There are very few items of news that have me jumping up and down and punching the air, but this was one of them. (Thanks to Mahmood for the link).

Rania Al Baz, whom we saw here being discussed by the two princes, was not being let out of the country - she was not allowed to have an exit visa in order to travel alone to Paris. However:

Saudi newsreader and women's rights activist Rania al-Baz defied a government travel ban and escaped to France.
London's Arabic al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reported that she left Saudi Arabia hidden in a goods lorry bound for Bahrain. Al-Baz then entered Dubai and from there flew to France.

Incredible! Wonderful! Especially to get thru the Saudi-Bahraini border, which is on a small island between the two countries, and involves six stops at six separate booths (three Saudi, three Bahraini) and a mandatory Saudi customs check both ways.

The two Princes had another conversation about her, but I won't repeat it, too many ****'s.

Rania is now in Europe giving interviews, e.g. here. If any of the readers is in the appropriate part of media business, please get this lady interviewed, so she can tell her story, especially on TV. There are lots of unfortunate women who have been beaten up by their husbands, but only one, to my knowledge, whose country tried to keep her silenced by denying her freedom to travel.

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