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In Memory of the lives of 15 Makkah Schoolgirls, lost when their school burnt down on Monday, 11th March, 2002. The Religious Police would not allow them to leave the building, nor allow the Firemen to enter.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Let's murder some more "Unbelievers" 

Ramadan is coming, the Holy Month of Islam, so if any members of Muslim Murder Incorporated want to go on a killing spree, now is the time to do it, we don't want to taint our Holy Month, do we?

And sure enough, the Indonesian Branch of Muslim Murder Incorporated has just gone on its latest rampage. 26 dead so far, may their souls lie in peace.

It's very difficult being a moderate Muslim these days. The vast majority of Muslims are moderate, wouldn't hurt a fly, want to do nothing more than live in peace, earn a living, bring up their families. Yet they constantly have to apologize for their religion because the whole Islamic PR effort is being driven by the crazies.

I used to feel sorry for the Christians in Northern Ireland, because they had terrorists killing in their name. But that's all over. And the chilling fact is that these days, wherever there is any trouble in the world, Muslims are tied up in it. From Algeria in the west to the Philippines in east, from Chechnya in the north to Darfur in the south, not forgetting Palestine in the middle, wherever there's trouble in the world, there are Muslims involved.

Now you could say that is because Muslims are everywhere the victims of oppression and intolerance, and are just hitting back. So let's ask a visiting alien what he thinks, he won't have an axe to grind, and aliens are not stupid. And he'll look at places where there are oppressed people, like most people in Zimbabwe or Burma or North Korea, and find no such trouble. And he'll look at the supposedly-oppressed-and-starved Muslims of Britain and France and Holland, and wonder why they go around exploding or shooting people. He'll look at trains in Spain, schools and theatres in Russia, skyscrapers in New York, nightclubs in Bali, hotels in Kenya, buses in Israel, refugee camps in southern Sudan. He'll soon make the obvious correlation that all the terrorists who kill innocent civilians en masse are Muslims. And he'll report back to his planet the obvious conclusion that Muslims are Big Trouble. He may even offer to ship them all back to the Jiridium mines on Planet Trog, an offer that Planet Earth would probably be wise to accept.

So what does a moderate Muslim do? There's no real religious leadership to condemn the atrocities, like there was in Northern Ireland. And what about the spiritual home of Islam, where the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques lives, do we hear anything from there? Well, don't pin your hopes on him, he's still pretending there were 15 Chilean hijackers on those 9/11 planes. In the old days, the Pope used to keep Kings and peoples in line by excommunicating them. Likewise, King Abdullah could say, "If your country doesn't stop producing bombers and terrorists and causing trouble for others, I'm going to ban the entire nation from coming to Makkah on pilgrimage, until they do stop". Difficulty is, he'd have to say that to so many countries, Makkah would end up as quiet as that camp at the South Pole.

And then, let's look at the papers. The Blasts Rock Bali; Dozens Die article does acknowledge that it happened, but then goes all shy and blushes when the subject of the perpetrators comes up.

The Oct. 12, 2002 attacks were blamed on the Al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah and both analysts and governments were quick to blame the pan-Asian Islamic extremist group for the latest bombings.

The Arab News, as always, is hinting at the "we're always getting blamed" angle. We are always the victims, people always think the worst of us, our "rights" are always being trampled on, we are proud to be the religion of choice for losers. I just wish, for once, they would show the honesty and dignity and guts to be honest to themselves, if not the rest of us. Perhaps the original attacks were blamed on a Muslim terrorist organization because of the antics of that infamous "smiling bomber", smirking and simpering thru his trial like some five-dollar rent-boy, then sticking up his fist and shouting "Allahu Akhbar" when he was sentenced? Perhaps that was just the tinyest hint that an Islamic terror group was involved?

There are times when I really despair of what these disciples of the Devil, and the complicit silence of those who could show some moral leadership, are doing to my religion.

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