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Monday, September 12, 2005

Those liberals again 

We're having more problems with those liberals again. You know, the bleeding-heart, palm-tree-hugging, camel-kissing, long beard and sandal brigade. Always whining about something. Here's their latest whinge

EDUCATORS and religious scholars are mostly against letting children watch Shariah court verdicts like beheading, stoning to death, amputation or lashing, a report said Sunday.

Can you credit it? These performances are what define our country, just like bullfighting defines Spain. Its an integral part of our cultural identity. And it's something that all the family can and do enjoy. So what's the so-called "problem"?

I am of the view that children must be forbidden from watching the execution of Shariah penalties so that we are able to protect our future generations from negative effects, in the same way as some countries that prevent children from watching films with horrifying scenes, Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Al-Dakheel, Assistant Professor of Social Service in King Saud University, told the Arabic daily Okaz....The experience could deeply affect children, and plague them all their lives, Dakheel said, citing what he said were proven scientific studies.

Oh diddums. Our wishy-washy liberal academic thinks that it might give young children nightmares and turn them into adult bed-wetters. Tell that to all the parents who take their children on family outings to the public square, to watch some loathsome thieving criminal have his hand amputated, or some drug trafficer lose his head. Or a nice wholesome stoning. If it was bad for their children, they wouldn't take them, would they? So why do they go in their hundreds?

Yet Dr Dear-Me unwittingly hits on the real reason why we should take our children to watch.

Shariah penalties are carried out in an open yard in full view of the public. This is so as to deter others from committing similar crimes.

Exactly! That's the whole point! You may have an IQ like a telephone number, Assistant Professor Pathos, but you have missed the obvious. It's a deterrent! It deters! How else are we going to prevent our daughters from growing up into shameless temptresses of innocent young men, unless they see a prostitute or adultress being stoned to death? How else do we stop our sons deciding to become homosexual, unless they see a pair of these perverts lose their heads?

Thankfully, there are some voices of reason around.

Dr. Eid Bin Abdullah Al-Shammari, former member of the Shoura Council, however, thought otherwise.
He said such exposure would be beneficial and deter children from taking to crime.
Deterrence is not only for adults but also for children, he said.
Besides, witnessing scenes would help curb the violent tendencies in many students who attack their teachers and smash their cars, he maintained.

Exactly! Next time they want to punch their teacher or throw a stone at his car, they'll think how difficult that is when their right hand is just a stump. I knew we could expect common sense from our Shoura Council. A great shame that some scurrilous people call it the "Poodle Parliament".

However, don't get me wrong. I'm not against progress, moving with the times. Remember, I was the first person to suggest that we televise our public executions. If they'd taken my advice, it could be syndicated all over the world by now. You'd be able to get the DVD's in Blockbuster. However, we could still do it. And there's a way we could involve the children, such that Mums and Dads could be proud. Like Western soccer matches have tiny children, "mascots", come on with the teams before the start, in kits that are about three sizes too large, everyone goes "Aaaaggghh". Then they let the smallest kid try and kick the ball, he misses and falls over on his bottom. Everyone goes "Aaaaggghh" again. We could do the same thing. Little children in replica executioner outfits from "Toys-R-Us", tiny swords. They could have practice swings at the criminals while they were waiting for the real thing. The crowd would love it, and it would make the kids feel part of the whole thing. No nightmares and bed-wetting, just happy memories into their old age.

So, Dr Dithering and your weak-kneed pinko fellow travellers, stop trying to spoil the finest entertainment we have. It's Saudi Arabia at its best.

UPDATE 14 Sept

Thanks to Khesh for this cartoon. Looks like someone had the same idea in London about 500 years ago.

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