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Monday, August 08, 2005

Don't take away sick-bag, I still need it 

This may be the "Arab News"' idea of humor, maybe they really do have zero ethical judgement, maybe I'm just getting cranky about terrorist supporters, justifiers, equivocators and apologists.

Lawrence of Arabia Could Have Slipped Through Blair’s Laws

His family called him “Ned.”
Like the July 21, 2005 London train bombers, he was as British as cricket.
And like the London bombers, Ned, young, intense and often scowling, with beady, deep-set eyes, blew up trains.
He killed people, destroyed millions of dollars of property, and caused populations to panic.
He sought to topple some governments, some kings and princes, and to place his friends into power.
What would Great Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair do about Ned?
Go figure.

We are talking about Lawrence of Arabia here, aren't we? If so, how many civilians did he deliberately target? Wasn't he a guerrilla leader who fought against the Turkish Army that was occupying other countries? Weren't the trains that he attacked full of Turkish soldiers, with not a civilian in sight?

Did Ned belong to Al-Qaeda? No.
But he’d understand it very well.
Was Ned a terrorist?
Ask the Turks.
Was Ned a freedom fighter?
Ask the Arabs.
Was Ned a good British citizen?
The British were never quite sure about Ned, the man they knew as T.E. Lawrence.
Lawrence of Arabia.
Go figure!

So T.E.Lawrence would "understand" Al Qaeda well? He was a noted orientalist, and understood the Arab mind well, and found them cruel on occasions when fighting each other, but the idea of deliberately terrorising a civilian population would, I'm sure, revolt both him and the Arab leaders of that time. It's like saying that other great guerrilla leader, George Washington, would also "understand" Al Qaeda well.

Sarah Whalen, author of this article, comes across as a moral imbecile with an ethical IQ around 30. Or perhaps she just wrote it to draw a "clever" analogy; if so, I look forward to her next article comparing those two renowned animal lovers, Queen Elizabeth and Joseph Stalin.

(BTW, if you're tempted to write to the author at the address quoted in the article, don't bother; I tried, and it doesn't exist)

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