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Friday, March 17, 2006

New Advert 

As you can see, there's a new advert for the March for Free Expression in London in a week's time. Click on it (or the version above) and it'll take you to the official website.

Apologies to all the Legomaniacs and flag experts out there, but if you don't know what it represents, it's a set of Lego (a Danish product) characters in front of the Danish flag.

Sadly, a group of British Muslims have taken exception to this, and are now planning their own demonstrations.

The Muslim Action Committee (MAC) have today condemned the Freedom of Expression March due to be held on the 25th March in Trafalgar Square whose organisers have said that they welcome bringing placards and wearing t-shirts depicting the abusive cartoons. Shaykh Faiz Siddiqi said “This is an offence against Global Civility and a provocation to 1.6 billion Muslims. The continued irresponsible actions of the BNP in distributing leaflets with the cartoons on across the country are also provoking anger throughout the Muslim community

Shaykh Faiz Siddiqi sounds like a self-appointed Imam who is, I would guess, of Pakistani origin, and has a name similar to a well-known clandestine Saudi drink, but it also ironically means "truthful". Well, my friend, you unfortunately display the dishonesty common to so many of your calling, by trying to link the name of the British National Party (A UK anti-immigration party) with this demonstration. As you well know, there is absolutely no link, and the demonstration is being jointly organized by a Socialist and a Libertarian. But never let the truth get in the way of your quest for self-pity and your victimization agenda.

In fact, Shaykh Faiz Siddiqi, of the organization "Global Civility", I have an offer for you. Because you are so victimized and oppressed in the United Kingdom, why not go and live in the spiritual home of all Muslims, Saudi Arabia? Indeed, if you need a sponsor, I will personally sponsor you. Feel totally fulfilled as you drive a taxi round Riyadh, a profession that we exclusively reserve for all your fellow Pakistanis. I agree that the British are renowned for their lack of civility, their appalling manners, their boorish rudeness to one and all, and I want you to feel the Muslim warmth and love that most Saudis reserve for their Pakistani brothers.

OK, rant over. I'm calming down. In fact I'm chilling out with this cartoon from the "Jesus and Mo" site.

Click on it to see the full thing.

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