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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Today's Lesson 

In his comments on the previous post, "Lehihamra" tells us of his experiences in teaching English to some of our finest and brightest.

I did have one class that was straight after their Islamic Studies class, and it led to several interesting questions from the more 'sinful' students who decided to use English:
"Teacher, what is a Freemason?"
"Why do you ask, Khalid?" (Not wanting to get drawn into THAT conversation)
"If I find one, teacher, I will kill him!"
"That's nice, Khalid, now, page 73, The Passive. The freemason has been killed by Khalid. How would you put that sentence in the Active?"

It's appropriate, therefore, to look at the Freemasons. Perhaps you thought they were just men who used builders' aprons and rolled-up trousers as an opportunity to get away from their wives once or twice a month. Far from it. From Hadith and Islamic Culture, Grade 10

Freemasonry. This is a secret Jewish organization working covertly for the realization of the Jews’ greatest interests. Freemasonry is a deceptive word which deludes the hearers to believe that it is a noble vocation, for its meaning is ‘the free builders’. Its motto is ‘liberty, fraternity, equality’

So is it the same as Zionism?

Zionism is connected to Freemasonry, but Zionism is purely Jewish in its form, style, content and membership and serves the Jews’ goals directly. It is the official executive apparatus of world Jewry. As for Freemasonry, it is inwardly Jewish. It raises general humanitarian slogans, and non-Jews may rally under its banner. It is a secular, atheistic and secret movement that serves the Jews indirectly. It is the hidden force which creates the opportunities for the Jews. Therefore Zionism uses it for the realization of its goals.

So the ultra-clever Jooos are manipulating the ultra-stupid Freemasons for their own ends. How devious. No wonder Khalid wants to kill them. If you ever meet a guy called Khalid, never give him a funny handshake.

It's probably safer to join the Rotary Club or the Lions. Congenial company, enjoy a meal together, raise money for world charities. Or perhaps not; it seems there is a Fatwa.

The Islamic Juristic Assembly in Mecca headed by the late Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamid passed in its session of 10.8.1398 AH, corresponding to 15.7.1978 CE, a legal ruling which determined that Freemasonry and the clubs that belonged to it, such as the Lyons and Rotary, are among the destructive organizations that were most dangerous to Islam and the Muslims. Anyone who is a member thereof while being acquainted with their true nature is an unbeliever in Islam and should be avoided by his family.

That should now be clear to everyone. Time for today's test.

1. (i) Lions International has a worldwide program to counteract diseases affecting sight, and to distribute more than 5 million pairs of eyeglasses a year to the needy.

(ii) Rotary International has now financed the immunization of 24 million Indonesians, mostly Muslim, against polio.

Choosing ONE of these examples, explain how the organization is furthering the Satanic objectives of International Zionism.

2. During the notorious "Profumo Scandal" in Britain in the 1960's (Common Era), during a party at the Clevedon stately home of Lord Astor, a "member of the British Peerage" was observed bringing round drinks on a tray, wearing nothing but a Masonic Apron. Was this:

(i) A post-modernist satirical statement?

(ii) A nudist taking sensible precautions with hot glasses of fruit punch?

(ii) Clear evidence of the linkage between Freemasonry and the imminent collapse of decadent western Unbeliever society?

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