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Monday, August 22, 2005

Thanks a bunch, guys 

I keep looking for the good news about Iraq.

Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1991. A group of countries got together and kicked hell out of their army, turfed them out of Kuwait. Fair enough. But since then they've not been a problem for the Saudis. Sure, Saddam Hussein was a problem for segments of his own population. But the same goes for many governments today or in the recent past. How about Uzbekistan, North Korea, Burma, Zimbabwe, Sudan (and indeed for the majority of countries in sub-Saharan Africa), should I go on?

However, Messrs Bush and Blair and Berlusconi etc. decided that this was one situation they had to do something about. They had no problem with dictatorships as such, just dictators who didn't like them, and coincidentally were sitting on top of oil. Never mind that this wasn't a pure military war, this was something that needed an understanding of the mindset and ethnic loyalties and religious groupings in a region where their previous interventions had been, shall we say, less than successful.

However, they needed a reason. But Don't Mention the Oil. So they came up with the Lie of the Century. As Dr Goebbels may have said, "If you're going to tell a lie, tell a whopper, and better still, one that can't be found out until too late". So Colin Powell went to the UN and told us all about those Weapons of Mass Destruction. What a performance. And he did it with a straight face.

So in they went. Surprise, surprise, no WMD. But Don't Mention the Oil. After all, we have got rid of a one psychotic dictator. We've replaced him with tens of thousands of psychotic Shias and Sunnis wiping each other out, taking hostages and cutting their heads off, kidnapping doctors and professionals for money, the ones who haven't fled to Jordan, that is. Soldiers, security forces, civilian population killed in their thousands, who's counting? We've created "Jihad World" for all those stupid indoctrinated Saudi kids, let them be the suicide bombers, there's plenty more where they came from. We could have 24 X 7 suicide bombers, except the power stations keep breaking down, they can't see where they're going at night.

No matter. Don't Mention the Oil (because by now it is regularly going up in smoke and is slipping out of the grasp of the Western oil companies). All will be well when there are elections - no, wait, when there's a parliament - no wait, when there's a constitution.

Did Messrs Bush and Blair and Berlusconi and all the other silly B's really imagine that this collection of self-seeking and opportunist individuals would come up with a constitution like the US or the UK? With Civil Rights and Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Worship. In a region where the only true democracy is, dare I say it, Israel?

Let's see what the London "Daily Telegraph" has to say about that.

US yields to demand for Islamic role in Iraq laws

The United States yesterday finally abandoned the fading dream of turning Iraq into a beacon of secular democracy in the Middle East, as it backed demands for the new constitution to enshrine Islamic religious law.
This raises the prospect of new laws being assessed against verses from the Koran, and risks alienating the country's non-Muslim minorities as well as more secular Muslim groups, particularly the Kurds.

Let me see if I've got this right. You see, I live in a country where everything is based on the Koran, it's ruled more by Imams and Religious Policemen than by the nominal "King"; to see what that means in practice, just keep on reading this blog to find out. To the south is Yemen, where the standard fashion accessory is the AK47, and it makes the Wild West look like the Regency Tea Rooms in Bath, England. To the east is a collection of minor Sheikdoms that are relatively liberal, but too small to have any influence. Further east we've got Pakistan that is only prevented from becoming an Islamic Republic by the will-power of its lonely President, and Afghanistan, say no more. To the north-east we've got Iran, with a new super-conservative-Muslim President who's going to make his own nuclear weapon, which he'll no doubt call "Allah's Bomb".

And now, Messrs B, B and B, you're going to allow the previously-secular Iraq, our northern neighbour, to turn into yet another Islamic Republic paradise. And where will they get their inspiration from? From the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of course. They'll feed off us, and we'll feed off them, in a never-ending competition to be the nastiest, most repressive, most intolerant, and most stupid theocracy in the entire world.

Thanks a bunch, guys.

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