The diary of a Saudi man, currently living in the United Kingdom, where the Religious Police no longer trouble him for the moment.

In Memory of the lives of 15 Makkah Schoolgirls, lost when their school burnt down on Monday, 11th March, 2002. The Religious Police would not allow them to leave the building, nor allow the Firemen to enter.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

A sad tale of our times 

In this case, it involves a high-profile soccer player. But it's been repeated many thousands of times

Ittihad Player Arrested in Jeddah

(Notice the 3-month delay between arrest and the news appearing. That's the legal "black hole" that people disappear into.)

Sulaiman is typical of many of our young men who become seduced by the glamor of "Jihad". Taught in school and mosque that the Jews and Infidels are the enemy, often unemployed, they long for the opportunity to go and fight. Not in Saudi Arabia, too many security forces. (Did you know that the National Guard, the "praetorian guard" of the Royal Family, is actually larger and better-equipped than the regular Saudi Army?). So, like the idealistic young men and women who went off to the Spanish Civil War, they they go off to some Muslim trouble-spot. Afghanistan used to be the destination of choice. They could strut around, lording it over the local populace, and blowing up Buddhas. Chechnya was also very popular. The "elite", of course, got to fly aeroplanes on 9/11. Now it's Iraq. They'll go and get killed for some cause they only half-understand, to satisfy the power lust of some Imam.

One of the quotes is very revealing:

In other parts of the world, "becoming religious" might mean that you enter a monastery, become a missionary, run a soup-kitchen for the homeless. Out here, it means that you grow your beard long and set off to join the Jihad.

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