The diary of a Saudi man, currently living in the United Kingdom, where the Religious Police no longer trouble him for the moment.

In Memory of the lives of 15 Makkah Schoolgirls, lost when their school burnt down on Monday, 11th March, 2002. The Religious Police would not allow them to leave the building, nor allow the Firemen to enter.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Back on Saturday... 

I'm off to a family wedding this weekend, away from my satellite internet link. So no more blogs for 2 days.

I enjoy a wedding. But I won't see the bride, and my wife won't see the groom. Men and women celebrate in separate rooms. The men link arms and dance to traditional tunes in 18/8 time. Everyone gets nostalgic for the old days in the tents in the desert, although no-one was around at the time. Nobody gets drunk.

By the time I get back, will they have caught those terrorists? The ones that are "completely surrounded"? I won't hold my breath.

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